AHEC Scholars' Testimonials

  • Ashley Nguyen

    "I can confidently say that my experiences have better equipped me to care for a diverse population of patients, including underserved individuals and those from rural locations, and I have become a more competent student physician because of it. I look forward to continuing my education and seeing myself thrive with AHEC.  It is my great pride and honor to be a part of an organization that has instilled in me the wisdom, understanding, and empathy that I need to be successful in my career as a medical professional and the rest of my life as a member of our community. I invite you to also take the opportunity to become a part of this great learning environment and establish the skills that you will carry with you for a lifetime."

  • Yuloung Huang

    "In my nearly two years of being an AHEC Scholar, I can confidently say that I have met some of the most caring, creative, hardworking, dedicated people. As a whole, AHEC emphasizes the importance of inter-professional teamwork and rural healthcare through experiential training sites in addition to supplementary information provided through Google Classroom. Through these volunteering opportunities and online learning opportunities, I have become a much more attuned, well-rounded individual. Joining AHEC has provided me with such unique opportunities that I would not have otherwise been introduced to, and I am so happy and proud to be graduating as an AHEC Scholar this summer  2020.

  • Robert Hughes

    “The AHEC Scholars program has provided me with experiences and perspectives that have proven to be invaluable in my development as a future clinician. . The training I received from AHEC augmented my learning in school to effectively prepare me for the clinical rotations I completed at rural sites in Alabama.  These lessons are proving to be vital as I complete my clinical training transition into my role as a healthcare professional. The knowledge and training I received through the AHEC Scholars Program has provided me with a deeper understanding of how to better care for the patients I serve. I am confident that I will be a better healthcare provider thanks to my experiences in the last two years.”

  • Savannah Castrillo

    "The desire to make a change in the world is a noble thing, and it is something that most people have at least a little bit of inside them; no one wants to see another human being suffer, and in a world that is as grand as ours, it can sometimes be difficult to identify what we can do in our lives to make a difference. The AHEC scholars is a wonderful program because its mission is to make a difference by identifying and serving the communities that need it the most, yet are often forgotten. In their program, future health professionals are taught the importance of serving rural communities as they lack many of the components in their health care systems that are most needed. Overall, this program has been such a unique experience and it has given me a new perspective on the world. I am proud to be an AHEC scholar, and I am excited for a future."

  • Jennifer Gorecki

    "Henry Ford once said, “coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.” This statement couldn't be more factual regarding AHEC and my aspiring goals as an advanced practitioner. In order to provide well rounded, complete care towards my patients, it will become essential for me to utilize my resources—including other practitioners and professionals who
    are experts in their field. AHEC has not only provided reinforcement regarding this notion, but it has also opened up the line of early communication and collaboration among providers of various disciplines in order to emphasize how crucial this element is regarding success. Overall, AHEC has not only helped me professionally, but has vastly contributed toward my personal growth as well."

  • Autumn Terry

    "The AHEC Scholars program has been one of the most enriching components of my journey as a college student. As a social work student, I come from a background of academic knowledge that fails to delve very far into the realm of healthcare, despite the many social workers employed in the healthcare field. It has allowed me to better understand many different healthcare related topics. Each AHEC Scholar brings something unique and valuable to our classroom and creates and fosters an atmosphere of learning and understanding.  The program has pushed me out of my area of expertise and comfort zone. Once I complete the program, I know I will be able to say that the program has added value to who I am as a person, both personally and professionally. I would definitely recommend this program to all students considering a career in the healthcare field. "

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