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Virtual Games & Activities

Infection! The Game | A medical education game that teaches students about the body's immune system.


Virtual Job Shadowing | A virtual resource that allows students to "job shadow" at their computer. Contact SAAHEC representative if you are interested in participating. 


Virtual Hip Resurfacing Surgery | A science game for students to take on the role of a surgeon and complete a hip resurfacing surgery while learning about the procedure, the technology, and health risks and benefits.


Trauma | A science game for students to learn what happens in the emergency room, stabilize a patient, and determine why he passed out while driving.


Sickle Cell DNA | A science game for students to determine if a couple carry the genetic mutation for a disease and to learn how the mutation impacts offspring, protein folding, and medical counseling.


Virtual Clinical Trials | Simulations modeled after real clinical trials that let students explore the clinical trials process.


CSI: The Experience | Three cases, featuring the characters from the TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, that teach forensic science.


MedMyst | An interactive learning adventure that teaches microbiology.


N-Squad | An adventure game about alcohol and body systems.


The Reconstructors | Three independent adventure games that teach about the science behind drugs of abuse.


Cool Science Careers | Games, quizzes, information, and interviews that let students experience what it's like to be a scientist.


The Blood Typing Game | An interactive game where students have to blood type each patient and give him or her a blood transfusion.


Electrocardiogram Game | An interactive game that shows students how to diagnosing heart conditions by recording the small electric waves generated during heart activity.


MRI Game | An interactive game that teaches students the MRI imaging technique, strong magnets and radio waves used for getting images of inner organs made of soft tissue, compared to X-ray imaging where you get images of hard tissue, like bones and teeth.






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