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Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters is a presentation funded in part by The Community Foundation of South Alabama

If you're thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, reach out! Here are some helpful websites and numbers in the U.S.: 

Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Click here for online chat

Crisis Text Line

Text "START" to 741741

Trevor Project

Call 866.488.7386

Text "Trevor" to 1.202.304.1200

Click here for online chat

Self-care means looking after yourself! Self-care activities are things that help you maintain your mental and physical health. Here are 15 ways you can self-care!: 

1. Watch your favorite tv show

2. Listen to music

3. Read a book

4. Pet your dog or cat

5. Take a nap

6. Color

7. Write in a journal

8. Make a craft 

9. Eat a healthy snack

10. Take a social media break

11. Take a long walk outside

12. Meditate 

13. Clean up your room 

14. Take a bath

15. Soak up fifteen minutes of sunlight 

Teachers can receive the Mental Health Matters presentation for FREE for use in their classroom.

Click here to download it!

Interested in mental health careers? Click below to learn more:

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