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All of Us Research Program

Southern Alabama AHEC was awarded the NIH All of US Community Engagement Project Award in 2020. The goal of the All of Us Research Program (All of Us) is to learn how differences between us might lead to different types of treatments. Health care is often one-size-fits-all.  But imagine a future where your health care is tailored to you.  The All of Us program wants to make that future possible. With a goal to have one million people participate in this study, researchers may use this information to improve the health for everyone.

Through our Health Information and Career Awareness Program (HICAP), we will improve our communities’ access and awareness of health information and enable them to make informed decisions about their health. Expanding our current programs, the HICAP will enable SAAHEC to become a community engagement partner and champion for the All of Us program in our communities. For more information about the All of Us Program, click here.

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