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Health Careers Preparation and Promotion
Health Careers Exploration for students in grades 9-12

Southern Alabama AHECs are committed to expanding the health care workforce, maximizing diversity and facilitating distribution, especially in underserved communities.  We offer creative, hands-on and innovative health career curriculum for students in grades 9-12. We introduce students to a wide assortment of health career possibilities, guide them in goal setting and educational planning, and offer science courses that strengthen critical thinking skills.  Working with schools, colleges and community partners, SAAHEC target economically disadvantaged students and those from underrepresented minority groups in high school and pre-professional college programs.

Health Careers Exploration Programs 

Rural Health Scholars Program
The Rural Health Scholars Program was founded to encourage high school students to consider careers in medicine and health professions while experiencing college firsthand. Twenty-five rising high school seniors from rural Alabama live on the University of Alabama campus for a five-week summer program. Chosen based on academic achievement and interest in rural health care, these outstanding high school juniors from rural areas take two courses for college credit (English and chemistry), participate in lectures related to rural health careers and take field trips to rural health care facilities and a medical school.

Rural Minority Health Scholars Program

The Rural Minority Health Scholars Program is a five-week summer program for recent high school graduates who plan to enter college in the next academic year. The students live on The University of Alabama CAMPUS and take a course (CH 101, General Chemistry with lab), attend tutorials, seminars, field trips to rural medical facilities and shadow African-American physicians. This program was initiated to increase the number of minority students from rural Alabama who qualify for admission to medical school through the Rural Medical Scholars Program.

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